We invite you to a seated, Afternoon Tea on this 73rd Year of the Independent Presbyterian Church Holiday House Tour. The Tour will be offered virtually with four beautiful homes, and an in-person tour of the IPC Sanctuary, decorated by the Guild.

An Advent reading from "The Promised One" by Christianity Today. Subscribe to our daily Advent devotional, and we'll email a new message each day to help you journey through the season.

Ever wonder how the Youth Ministry Team uses the proceeds from selling Christmas ornaments in the Parlor throughout Advent season, or what happens to the school supplies collected during Bibletimes Marketplace each summer?

Join IPC during Advent for a sermon series looking at figures in the Old Testament who in some way point us toward the coming of Christ.

We are grateful to everyone who helped stock the IPC Food Pantry/Blessing Boxes for our neighbors and the Weekend Buddy Bags for children at Hayes K-8 School.

A team of 16 IPC youth was selected to allocate $20,000 of IPC Foundation funds to charitable organizations.

We hope that you will return your pledge card to church on or before Pledge Sunday, Nov. 13, when we will dedicate our pledges to the Lord.

Will you join us in responding to Christ’s call for our church? As you prayerfully consider your pledge for 2023, we ask you to say YES.

Each fall IPC hosts Harvest for Hunger to help stock our Food Pantry. This drive is critical for keeping our Food Pantry stocked with the needed non-perishable food, hygiene items, and paper products.

Many from the congregation have asked about what is going on these days in Session, the governing body of IPC. We think it is a great idea to begin to communicate to members of IPC with the highlights of actions taken by Session at its regular meetings.