Jazz is a music genre that originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans and elsewhere in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, developing from roots in blues, marching band music, and piano music like ragtime. Since the 1920s Jazz Age, jazz is commonly recognized as "America's classical music" and has become a major form of musical expression linked by the common bonds of African-American and European-American traditions. It has emerged as an independent traditional and popular music style.

Welcome to 2019! We are just a few weeks into the new year. But already, we have much to be thankful for here at Independent Presbyterian Church.

The Grantmaking Committee oversees distribution of IPC Foundation grants and distributions. The Committee, chaired by Susie Abbott, completed its annual grant cycle in November. Take a look at the grantmaking process by the numbers.

A look at how you gave to IPC ministries and some of our community partners this holiday season. Thank you for your generosity!

As any lifelong Presbyterian, I have served on my share of church committees. One of the highlights has been my six years serving with the IPC Foundation. Each year, the Foundation awards grants for “the benefit of mankind, the education of youth, the relief of human suffering, and propagation of the Christian religion.”

The new year is here, as is the opportunity to start a new chapter in our lives. I ask you to consider, “How do you want to write your story?” Regardless of what journey you are on or where you are in life, we can help you along the way here at Independent Presbyterian Church.

“Gloria in Excelsis Deo.” The Latin text translates into “Glory in the highest to God.” Those are the first lines in Poulenc’s Gloria. his Sunday, you will be able to hear Poulenc’s celebrated work. This Sunday, there are also opportunities to hear from storyteller Dolores Hydock and Skype with former IPC Pastor Dr. Morgan Roberts.

Turn on your radio. Watch TV. Or simply drive around and see the Christmas decorations. What you will see and hear is joy. Fill your hearts with the gift of joy as we continue to make preparations for the coming of the Christ-child.

The Christmas tree in the parlor is lit. Wreaths and garland will be hung next week as we deck the halls for Advent and Christmas. Advent, the liturgical season of preparation for the birth of the Christ-child, begins Sunday. Remember that our tradition at IPC during Advent and Lent is to wear purple since that’s the color of both seasons. Clergy will have purple robe or stole on, so you can help us continue that color theme with what you wear to church for the next four Sundays. 

Organist Damin Spritzer, Assistant Professor of Organ at the University of Oklahoma with the American Organ Institute and the Cathedral Church of Saint Matthew in Dallas as Artist-in-Residence for Cathedral Arts, will perform on Sunday, November 25 as the final artist in the 2018 November Organ Recital Series.