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Shepherd Ministry Teams

Congregational Care

Shepherd Team Ministry

Shepherding Others

We need people with whom we can share our joys and our concerns. We need people in times of transition. The Shepherd Ministry is here to provide the loving shelter of each other we know as the church. Consider joining a team and helping other IPC members.

  • Description: Train to usher funerals or memorial services in the IPC sanctuary and chapel
    Qualifications: Willingness to learn protocol, some weekday availability
    When: Emailed when services are scheduled
    Where: IPC sanctuary or chapel
    Contact: John Feagin

  • Description: Write and send cards to those who are recently bereaved or who are experiencing the anniversary of a significant loss
    Qualifications: Handwrite and mail notes
    When: As needed
    Where: All coordinated by email
    Contact: Caroline Thomas

  • Description: Deliver communion to members who are unable to attend worship
    Qualifications: Teams of at least two including an ordained officer of the church make each visit
    When: First Sunday
    Where: Homes, hospitals, nursing homes
    Contact: Mary Beasley

  • Description: Pray for church members, their families and their friends; and send cards to members and friends in special or difficult circumstances
    Qualifications: Belief and willingness to pray
    When: Tuesdays, 11am
    Where: Chapel
    Contact: Alice Christenson

  • Description: Call people on the public prayer list to see how they are doing
    Qualifications: Comfortable talking about difficult circumstances over the phone
    When: As needed
    Where: All coordinated by email
    Contact: Rev. Susan Clayton

  • Kirkwood Support

    Description: Minister to the residents at Kirkwood with visits, birthday celebrations, communion, and working the Kirkwood store (Kirkwares)
    Qualifications: A heart for supporting the elderly
    When: Various times
    Where: All coordinated by email
    Contact: Katie Dunn for birthday celebrations; Verna Lyons for communion; Margaret Brunstad or Julianne Venable for Kirkwares

  • Description: Knit and deliver prayer shawls for members of the congregation who have been sick or suffered the loss of a loved one
    Qualifications: Ability or willingness to learn to knit
    When: Thursdays, 11 am – 1 pm
    Where: IPC
    Contact: Carol Malone

  • Description: Prepare or drive frozen meals to members convalescing or to those who have had a family death
    When: Varies
    Where: Varies
    Contact: Beth Hillhouse

  • Description: Call regularly members of the congregation who are homebound
    When: Varies
    Where: Varies
    Contact: Alice Christenson

  • Description: Welcome babies born to new members of the congregation
    When: Varies
    Where: Varies
    Contact: Connie Logan