At Independent Presbyterian Church, we believe God calls us to be a Christian community, actively engaged in transforming lives through our living faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. You are invited to worship here and to discover ways to grow your faith, serve in ministry to others, and build relationships through fellowship. All are welcome. 

The excitment of a summer filled with learning, music, art, swimming, nutrition, gardening, and field trips often ends with a few tears. The Summer Learning Program graduation is a tearful event. By then, students have grown academically by several months and spiritually.  Typically, the fifth graders are leaving the Farm for the last time… until now.

We live in a highly connected world where we are hardly more than an arm’s reach away from a computer. The technology has changed how we connect, interact, communicate, learn, conduct business and financial transactions, and entertain ourselves. In keeping up with the need to easily access information 24/7, we are launching a new church software system on Monday.

Prepare for a new digital experience at IPC. On July 15, the church will launch ShelbyNEXT. It's a church management software system that will run our finances, membership directory, calendar, registrations and groups.