At Independent Presbyterian Church, we believe God calls us to be a Christian community, actively engaged in transforming lives through our living faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. You are invited to worship here and to discover ways to grow your faith, serve in ministry to others, and build relationships through fellowship. All are welcome. 

I am excited to be coming on board in a full-time music position here at IPC. After 19 years of service in a part-time capacity, I look forward to not only coordinating music for The Table 5 pm Worship, but also expanding children’s and youth music as well.

Children’s Ministries has spent the past year implementing processes that we focused on with Ministry Architects. We realized the need to continue to narrow our focus and prioritize the most important thing – faith development. Our programing has always been intentional, but we made it our top priority to provide opportunities for spiritual growth. 

It is that time of year. Isn’t it? The school supplies are purchased. The backpacks are packed, and the first day outfits are ready and waiting. School is about to begin! Because of the Summer Learning Program at the Children’s Fresh Air Farm, 95 students at Hayes K-8 School are beginning classes a little more prepared.