New member Christi Jordan writes about finding her place within IPC and on the new Welcome Team.

We are beginning 2018 at the Children’s Fresh Air Farm with a new director, Catherine Goudreau!

Youth Ministries leaders express love, gratitude for IPC youth and congregation support as they embark on new adventures. Youth Ministries director Catherine Goudreau is now the director of the Children's Fresh Air Farm. Assistant director Gann Wright left February 1 to become the director of the new Youth Ministries at St. Mary's-on-the-Highlands.

Bonjour, mes amies! Get ready to immerse yourself in French music, food, and culture as we take you to France in early February. No passports are necessary for this Parisian adventure. We’re bringing it all to Independent Presbyterian Church for the 47th Annual Religious Arts Festival!

It’s a place where IPC members, friends, family and visitors come to seek God’s presence through prayer and meditation. It’s a connection between the 1926 Gothic style sanctuary and the newly renovated Highland Hall. It’s also where you’ll find a young child or two walking the path out of curiosity or to burn off some energy. The labyrinth with its twists and turns represents life’s changes and the spiritual journey. It’s now part of Independent Presbyterian Church’s new logo.

A new opportunity to let your children SHINE. Special Sunday night children's program will be offered on February 25, March 4, March 11 & March 18.

There is certainly a story behind each photograph. IPC member Virginia Jones can’t wait to share them and create new ones as French music, art and food arrives at IPC February 4- 11 for the 47th Annual Religious Arts Festival. Vive la France!

While others may run a marathon on February 11, we will have a mini-marathon of a work day at the Children’s Fresh Air Farm!

Betsy joined the IPC staff in 1993, first in the Day School, and then as the Adult Education Assistant in CE. Betsy has been involved in so many ways at IPC from the tasks specifically associated with her role in CE to IPC Guild, Giving Tree, Hunger Work Group, Tapestries, yoga, childcare assistance, STAIR tutor, First Light volunteer and so much more. There is no way to fully express our gratitude for her years of dedicated service.

Can you create one unique and timeless image to represent IPC's mission, its ministries and its members all while honoring its history and looking forward? That was the mission of a special communications task force over the last year.