Did you know IPC offers counseling? Pastoral Care and Counseling offers a caring relationship and professional counseling that considers both the spiritual and emotional needs.

The Christmas decorations are up. The parties are planned. Many of the presents have been purchased. But are you truly ready to welcome the Christ-child?

You're invited inside the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Adams, Dr. Tommy Bice and Mr. Ken Northrup, Mr. T. Chris Carter and Mr. John Dorsett, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hirsch, and Dr. and Mrs. Raleigh Kent Saturday, December 9 from 10 am- 4 pm and Sunday, December 10 from 1- 5 pm. They're hanging their final Christmas decorations and preparing to open their doors to welcome you, your family and friends on this 68th annual Holiday House Tour.

The holidays bring numerous opportunities at Independent Presbyterian Church to help others. In honor of the Christ-child's birth, let's count down with 25 ways to be a blessing to others this Christmas.

Thank you from an Orlean and Ralph W. Beeson Fund grant recipient.

They signed up. They learned about their strengths and embraced them. Now, these four IPC members want to help others identity their strengths and put them in service. Here’s why they passionately believe you should join a Strengths in Service class.

Looking for a good book over the holidays? The Library Committee has a list of recommended books to fill your soul this holiday season and even a good bedtime read for your children.

Holiday decorations will be hung by chimneys with care with the hopes that you will soon be there. This year, you'll have the chance to walk through more beautifully decorated homes. The additional homes will include two condominiums inside Birmingham's historic Hanover Place.

Can you bake cookies? Welcome guests at the Holiday Houses or help park cars? The Holiday House Tour wouldn't be a success every year without your help!

Children’s Ministries continues to connect our children with IPC’s belief that we are to join God in the world. This holiday season, there are two ways children can give.