"The session of a particular church consists of the pastor or co-pastors, the associate pastors, and the elders in active service... the session is responsible for the mission and government of the particular church." - Book of Order The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Part II

The Session (Elders)

Session Class of 2021

  • Burton, John
  • Bussian, Jim
  • Darby, Caroline
  • Edmonds, Bryson
  • Graham, Mike
  • Long, William
  • Reeves, Martha
  • Simmons, Paul
  • Spencer, Ivy
  • Waters, Kate
  • Williams, Ellen
  • Walthall, Helen (youth elder)

President of the Congregation 2021: George Taylor III

Vice President of the Congregation 2021: Beth Hillhouse

Session Class of 2022

  • Adams,Scott
  • Alexander, Bruce
  • Brunstad, James 
  • Casey, William 
  • Cheney, Lydia 
  • Deer, Alan
  • Feagin Jr., John 
  • Hamilton, Terry
  • Higgins III, John 
  • Horton, William 
  • McCain, Amy 
  • Ort, Janet
  • Scholl, Kara
  • Taylor III, George

Session Class of 2023

  • Abbott, Susie F.
  • Allen, Wendell F.
  • Butts, Alys
  • Cobbs, Margaret
  • Cooley, Jim D. 
  • Donovan, Anna Kate
  • Hill, Robert
  • Lyons, Matt
  • Monk, Jeanne P.
  • Pless, Gail S.
  • Rediker, Julie J.
  • Thomson, Tommy
  • Albright, Bibb(youth elder)

Minutes of Session Meetings

As a motion of the first Session meeting of 2021, minutes of Session meetings will be published each month.