Global Mission Journeys

IPC carries out the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ in the world is by sending teams to places of need. Over the years, those teams have ministered to others in Mexico, Honduras, Ukraine, Thailand, Kenya and Zambia. Our most active global mission partnership currently is with Mwandi Mission in Mwandi, Zambia, a mission of the United Church of Zambia. We also regularly have teams serving in Rwanda and Mexico.

Mexico Mission

This newer global mission of IPC is helping plant churches in Chiapas, Mexico. The team works with missionaries Salvador and Irma de la Torre on construction and relationship building projects. The church sends two mission teams to this region annually. One journey is for our youth. Another journey is for our families and other individuals.

Mwandi Mission in Zambia

Mwandi Mission is comprised of a United Church of Zambia congregation, a hospital, school, Orphan and Vulnerable Children Center, and a home for elderly orphans. Almost every summer for the past 25 years, IPC has sent a mission team to Mwandi to complete a maintenance project and to work with the local school, church and orphan center. All members of IPC, from youth to adult, are welcome to participate in this mission journey. Participants will be required to cover some of the costs of the journey, generally air fare, immunizations and personal spending money. All costs for room and board and ground transportation are covered for the team.

Rwanda Mission

In 2016, IPC formed a partnership with Anglican Bishop Laurent Mbanda and his ministries serving the people of Kigali. The team visits several churches and ministries in the area that are working for peace and development. IPC is planning upcoming mission journeys soon.

Participate in an IPC Mission

We are also continually seeking other places of need around the world where we might be of service and where relationship and partnership might be formed. If you are interested in participating in an IPC Mission Team, please watch our communications for mission team journey application(s).