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Chiapas 2022 Mission Journey


Chiapas Mission Journey

Our Mexico Mission Journey is a newer global mission of IPC helping plant churches in Chiapas, Mexico. The team of adults and families with older children works with missionaries Salvador and Irma de la Torre on construction and relationship-building projects.

IPC Mission Journey | June 4-11, 2022

A Mission Journey Team made of 14 IPC members recently experienced a total cultural immersion like never before. They traveled deep into the mountains of central Mexico to help with a church under construction, learn about the history of the area, and enjoy fellowship with the local children. Hospitality was provided by regular host missionaries, Salvador and Irma de la Torre. 

The church, in a small, remote village called Chancala Zapote, is now complete and is able to continue to provide hope to an area historically abandoned by the government. While traveling, the IPC Mission Journey Team was able to celebrate the dedication of the church with the entire village. 

Chiapas Photo Gallery

View the smiles, laughter, celebration, and gratitude experienced alike by the IPC mission team and those who are local.