Dear Church Family,

The Representative Nominating Committee is beginning the discernment process of identifying qualified nominees for the Elder and Deacon classes of 2023, trustees to serve on the IPC Foundation, two congregants to serve as members at large on the Representative Nominating Committee and as it stands, the vice president of the congregation (who will become president in 2022).

The Nominating Committee encourages members to nominate persons who they expect would welcome the opportunity to serve as a church officer. Along with this letter, you will find descriptions concerning the offices of Elder and Deacon from the PC(USA) Book of Order, as well as job descriptions for our vice president and president. We ask you to review this material and then prayerfully complete the nominating form.

Feel free to provide more information concerning the gifts and talents of a candidate as well as his or her previous service to the church, which will help us more effectively identify future leadership for IPC.  You may make additional copies of the nominating forms. You may complete your form online below or e-mail your nominations to:

Nominations may be submitted online or mailed to the church. Please note, however, that the deadline for nominations is October 15, 2020. Every form will be considered, and the number of forms submitted will not bear significance in our deliberations.  It is also acceptable for individuals to submit their own name for consideration.

The Nominating Committee hopes that you will join us in our efforts of prayerful consideration and discernment in seeking those called by God to serve IPC.  If you have questions, please email Chip Grizzle, Chair of the Representative Nominating Committee at


Thank you.

In Christ’s Service,

Dr. W. Stephen Goyer

Charles L. Grizzle, Jr.

List of Current IPC Church Officers

Ways to Submit Officer Nomination Forms

  • Please click on "printable nomination form" above if you would like to print a copy of the nomination form and return it to the church by March 11.

  • Electronic Form

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Suggestions for Church Officer Consideration

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