A Map for Your Journey with Jesus this Lent

This Lent, we invite you to be present in worship, to listen to God's word, reflect on those words and understand our faith.

Pick up a special box from IPC filled with interactive materials and information to allow you to grow your faith and worship fully during this Lenten season. The materials selected for Lent-in-a-Box are meant to grow our understanding of our faith practices, engage children and parents in conversation, and bring us together as a faith family to worship more fully during this Lenten season -- one of the most important seasons of the Christian year!

During the creation of Lent-in-a-Box, special consideration has been given to limit the activities, so it doesn’t become an overwhelming experience. With this in mind, we encourage you to spread out the activities over the week and work at your own pace. There is this resource guide along with materials for each week of Lent, as well as a couple of simple activities you can do throughout the 40 days of Lent. Let’s start our 2020 Lenten journey together!


  • We've create a special guide with a weekly scripture reading, activity and prayer to complete at home as we journey with Jesus to Easter Sunday. The activity supplies are included in your Lent in a Box.

  • Worship more fully this Lenten season by joining us on Sundays, on Ash Wednesday and during Holy Week.

  • In addition to weekly readings, we've prepared a daily scripture list for Lent.

  • A Spotify playlist has been curated for Lent.

  • Prayerwell

    Throughout Lent, a reverse offering will be handed out in worship during our usual offering. Baskets containing prayer requests particular to IPC and our Lenten ministries will be passed along with the offering plates. Please remove a prayer request from the basket, take it home with you, and pray for that request throughout the week. You will receive a new prayer request each Sunday of Lent in all our worship services. The same prayer requests are hung in the church stairwell (now temporarily the "prayerwell!") and the Narthex in Highland Hall. Thank you in advance for your prayerful participation in this Lenten discipline!