Sunday Classes

In our educational ministry we strive for knowledge and understanding of the biblical story, application of God’s story in our everyday lives and service of compassion, reconciliation and justice in Christ’s name.

Sunday Morning Classes

Fall term begins September 13, 2020. Classes meet at 10:00- 10:50 a.m. via Zoom through May unless noted.

Advanced Class, Zoom
Studying both the Biblical text of Philippians and Ruth.
Facilitator: Robert Posey

Discoverers Class, Zoom
Meets bi-weekly for devotional study led by Bill Horton. 
Facilitator: Frank Sutherland

Reformed Class, Zoom
All IPC members and visitors who are interested in studying God's word and its application in our everyday lives are invited to focus on "Christian Calling" in select scriptures from the Old and New Testaments this fall.
Class leader: Wendell Allen

Wonder Years, Zoom
Studying the psalms based on the guide, "PSALMS: Prayers of the Heart- 12 Studies for Individuals or Groups" by Eugene Peterson. The principles from this study can be used for the other 138 psalms. Additional materials will be used for devotions, critical study and exploring critical meaning.
Facilitator:  Matt Hunter and Larry Krannich