Giving Beyond Our Lifetime

Permanent giving is an extension of Christian stewardship available to everyone. Gifts large and small combine to expand existing ministries and create new ones in response to our changing world.

Giving through the IPC Foundation enables donors to extend their stewardship beyond their lifetimes. Several ways of giving are listed below. Planned giving is affected by estate and tax laws, which are complex and change often. Prospective donors should seek professional advice and consult with family members. The IPC Foundation cannot serve as personal advisor on tax or legal matters: we do maintain relationships with professional advisors who work with the donors and their advisors to determine the best way to make the gift.

Gifts of Cash: Gifts of cash (or by check) are straightforward and generally create tax deductions in the year in which they are given.

Gifts of Securities: Gifts of appreciated securities (such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate) may provide a greater tax benefit to the donor than a simple gift of cash. Gifts of appreciated assets that have been held for more than one year are generally tax deductible for their full market value, while the appreciation will not be reportable for income tax.

Gifts that Pay Income: Gifts can be used to purchase investments that provide the donor (and/or, if desired, a beneficiary such as his or her spouse) with lifetime income. For example, this form of gift can be used to convert appreciated stock to income-producing investments while avoiding capital gains tax on the appreciation. Examples include Charitable Remainder Trusts, Pooled Income Funds, Gift Annuities, and Charitable Lead Trusts.

Deferred Gifts: Deferred gifts are declared during the lifetime of the donor to be effective upon death. They are generally revocable as they may be revised, and do not create a current income tax deduction. Such gift forms include Bequests, Revocable Trusts, and Beneficiary Designations for IRAs, Retirement Plans, and Life Insurance.

Memorial Gifts: Memorials ensure that loved ones remain a permanent part of the life and ministry at IPC.