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Youth Grant Team

“I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.” Ephesians 4:1

Youth Grant Team Vision

  • To educate IPC students on the IPC Foundation To train them in Christian philanthropy 
  • To teach them about group decision-making To encourage personal philanthropy 
  • To develop leaders


 To All Interested Rising Juniors and Seniors, 

In the following pages you will find information on the IPC Youth Grant Team: what it is, how to apply, the time commitment required, and the kinds of students we hope to have on the team. 

The Youth Grant Team is an opportunity for you to grow, learn, and be challenged. Like all important things, it is also a commitment. It’s a commitment to the adult leaders, to the other team members, to the organizations that submit grants to the Foundation, and most of all, it’s a commitment to yourself. But like many important commitments, it is a rewarding, engaging, and transformative experience. Keep reading to find out more about Youth Grant Team and how to apply! 


Elizabeth Goodrich 

Associate Pastor, Discipleship

What is the IPC Youth Grant Team?

The purpose of the IPC Youth Grant Team (YGT) is to educate high school juniors and seniors in Christian philanthropy, group decision-making, Christian stewardship, and the IPC Foundation. Those selected will learn about a variety of social needs, both local and global. Team members will also wrestle with how to address those needs by providing grants to local, national, and international non-profit organizations and mission agencies. 

This year the IPC Foundation has designated $15,000 to the YGT to invest in deserving organizations. During the 12 week course, the YGT will research grant applications from non-profit organizations, and at the end of the course the team will select how best to distribute the grant money to the organizations that the group has chosen. The Foundation Board will then vote to approve the YGT’s selections. 

As the culmination of the course, the YGT will give a presentation to the Foundation Board, explain the group’s decision-making process and why they chose the selected organizations. In addition to the presentation, members of the Grant Team will be asked to give feedback, do research, and meet with Elizabeth to determine which newly funded non-profits could become mission opportunities for the IPC youth ministry and what this will look like.

Who can apply?

Students who will be a junior or senior in the 2018 fall semester and who attend IPC and participate in the life of the church. 

Here are the qualities we are looking for in a YGT candidate:

  • Committed follower of Christ; 
  • Encouraging, friendly, listens well to others; An active, engaged participant in group work; Inclusive of others, not cliquey; 
  • Treats those with whom he/she disagrees with respect; Has a positive attitude; 
  • Humble and looks for opportunities to serve; 
  • Commits to support and participate in the IPC youth ministry; 
  • Committed to regular attendance and participation in the 12 week YGT course and continued input into the mission opportunities for the IPC youth ministry.

What is the time commitment?

We require our YGT members to attend one hour-long meeting per week on Monday evenings, for approximately 12 weeks (mid August – early November). In addition, the group will go on several site visits, and will give a presentation to the IPC Foundation committee at the end of the course, which will require some outside preparation. 

We understand that unforeseen calendar conflicts do arise from time to time. Thus, team members may have to miss one or, at most, two meetings, but we ask that those selected for YGT make a committed effort to attend all meetings. CLICK HERE for Youth Grant Team schedule.

What is the application process?

In order to apply, complete the application below and email or turn in a hard copy to Hallerin Hill ( by JULY 23. Spots for the YGT are limited, and students will be selected based on their application, level of commitment and availability, as well as their involvement in the youth ministry and other ministries of IPC.

Student Application

Youth Grant Team Commitment

If selected for YGT, I understand that I am committing to consistently attend the weekly Youth Grant Team meetings throughout the 12-week program and to attend the presentation on November 5th. I also understand that I am agreeing to remain engaged in the IPC youth ministry and help Elizabeth determine opportunities for new mission experiences:
If selected for YGT, I understand I am committing to treat the adult leaders and fellow team members with respect and work with them in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork:
If selected for the YGT, I will endeavor to be an engaged member of IPC by participating in the life of the church and supporting the youth ministry: