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IPC Small Groups: Creating a Culture of Connection

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From its inception, the church has been a place of connection. In scripture, we read stories about small groups meeting in homes and breaking bread together. Early Christians were encouraged to make these meetings a priority in their spiritual practices. Doing life together in those small groups fostered a belonging that doesn’t exist in many places today. 

In 2020 we suffered through a season of disconnection. But even before the pandemic, Americans were suffering from an epidemic of loneliness. Many of us felt isolated, invisible, and insignificant. At a church officer’s retreat in 2023, our leaders were asked to describe their vision for what IPC could be. Many of the words used centered on themes of belonging, transparency, hospitality, community, and connection. We want to be a place where people enjoy a deep sense of belonging. 

We know what kind of church we want to be. But currently, 40% of our members only attend worship. Out of 1,600 members, only about 250 (15%) attend a small group. We want to change that. We want to be a church of small groups, where everyone can find a place of deep connection and belonging. The Small Group Subcommittee was chartered to provide opportunities for intentional and authentic Christian connection to every member of our congregation. 

So how about you? Not just what do you do, but where do you belong? If you’re not sure, we want to talk. If you are sure and may be interested in starting a group, we want to talk. Please contact me at or Rev. David Seamon at We’re excited about where our church is heading. Stay tuned for more to come.