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Focusing on the Needs of IPC's Community

This week, we are focusing on our needs for protein in the Blessing Boxes. We all know how important proteins are to a healthy and filling diet. It is so important that we keep many different types of proteins in the Blessing Boxes so that folks have a choice of ways to fill themselves! 

Of course, we immediately think of canned meats as a source of protein, but there are others too. Beans are high in protein and peanut butter crackers are an easy way to get a little bit of protein on the go for our neighbors who don't have a place to cook. Bring some protein to the church this week, our neighbors would be happy to see it!

Our Blessing Box needs for this week include:
Hygiene (best deals on hygiene products are usually at Dollar Tree)
Weekend Buddy Bag needs:
  • If you are in a Grace Group, bring your soup to Grace Group this week or swing by Community Ministries and drop it off!

You can buy anytime from our Amazon Wishlist.

Upcoming events in Community Ministries

IPC's Global Mission Journeys for 2024 Application Deadline: March 1st 

Join us for an upcoming Global Mission Journey! Deadlines are approaching for three of our international mission journeys travelling to Chiapas, Mexico, May 25-31; Nairobi, Kenya July 8-20; and Mwandi, Zambia August 15-28. Don't miss out on these amazing opportunities to learn more about yourself and IPC's mission partners while making a difference in the world! Please apply by March 1, due to airfare coordination. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Melissa Self Patrick.

E-Recycling and Shredding Event: March 12th from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Bring your laptops, cell phones, any other electronics, and any documents that need shredding to be responsibly recycled with the help of PROTEC. While the event is free, individuals will need to pay Protec (cash or card) a small fee for CRT/hard drive recycling ($10) and for TV recycling ($20; size limited to no larger than one person can carry) to responsibly recycle these items.