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Home for the Holidays

In many ways, our lives are spent searching for home. There is something in all of us that longs deeply for that place where we truly belong and are at peace, where we are with the people we love, and know that we are loved as well. Hopefully, we begin our lives with a positive home environment that instills in us that values and blessings of home. But no matter how good it is, even the best of our childhood homes can only give us a taste of the true home we were created for in God’s kingdom with our Creator. When we search for home anywhere else, in our careers, relationships, status, or possessions, we inevitably become anxious, disappointed and resentful, since none of those things is capable of fulfilling the created desire in us for our true home with God. And yet, as a result of our sin, we cannot seem to find our way there. 

This is why Christmas is such good news. In the birth of Jesus, God himself has come into our homes searching for us, inviting us to discover that our true home is found in him. And when we joyfully receive him, every place that we go becomes home because we are where we belong with the one who truly knows us, accepts us and loves us like no one else can. 

During this Advent season, I am going to be preaching a sermon series called “Home for the Holidays.” Each week, we will look at a passage in Luke when Jesus went to somebody’s house where he was either not welcomed (Simon the Pharisee), not in a hurry (Jairus the leader of a synagogue), or not even invited (Zacchaeus the tax collector). As we will discover, amazing things happen when Jesus shows up in our homes. 

Advent is a great time for us to rededicate ourselves to Jesus and make worship a priority. If you have not been back in a while, I hope you will come and see what Jesus is up to at your church home. And who knows? You just might just have a life-changing encounter with the Savior who is just dying to be invited into all of our homes this Christmas. The question is, how will we receive him? 

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