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Now Offering: Assisted Parking at IPC

IPC Sanctuary

In response to requests for additional handicapped parking, IPC is now offering assisted parking on Sunday mornings. 

We have found that we are unable to provide more handicapped parking spaces any closer to the Sanctuary due to the physical limitations of our campus. However, it is our hope, that assisted parking services will facilitate improved access to the sanctuary for those who need it.

If You Need Assisted Parking

Starting Sunday, December 3, Parking Professionals will provide assisted parking services outside the Sanctuary from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm. A representative will greet you curbside, park your car, and return it at the conclusion of the service. 

Please note that tipping or gratuity is not necessary. This service will be available during the Advent Season on a trial basis.


Contact Stephanie Heupel, Director of Operations, at or 205 933-3704.