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Chiapas Mission Trip Supply Drive

map with a pin to locate Chiapas

The Chiapas mission team is collecting supplies for their upcoming journey on May 27. 

During the trip, the team will be working on the construction of a new church as well as doing several programs for the children who live in the local community.  

Supplies Needed: Please consider supporting this mission by donating new supplies from the list below or money to purchase supplies prior to the trip. You can send donations via Venmo to @Sean-Vanlandingham-1 or purchase from our Amazon wishlist by Sunday, May 21. 

  • Paint brushes - 16
  • Paint rollers - 16
  • Paint roller frames - 8
  • Work gloves - 12
  • Queen sheets - 4 sets
  • Life jackets for children - 4
  • 8 pack Crayola crayons - 120
  • Basketballs - 6
  • Soccer balls - 3
  • Hand inflator pumps for balls - 3

Thank you for your support.