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Welcome Grace Daniels

IPC is excited to announce that Grace Daniels will transition into the role of Assistant Director of Youth beginning on May 11, 2023. Grace has served as the IPC Youth Intern for two years and recently graduated from Samford University with a degree in Human Development & Family Science. She looks forward to continuing to grow in faith and relationship with each of our youth and their families. Current youth share how Grace has already impacted this ministry at IPC:

"My favorite memories with Grace are at our retreat in Gatlinburg, and I’m excited that she is joining full-time because she is great at connecting with the youth and providing mentorship and advice. Grace has brought a lot of excitement to Youth Ministry!" -Richard Monk

"I am so excited for Grace to become the Assistant Youth Director because she is an amazing leader and does a great job teaching us and helping us learn about God. She is one of the kindest people I know and brightens up the room with her smile. She makes me laugh and has an awesome presence! I am always so excited to come to church so I can see Grace and Cammie! It’s the best day of the week! I cannot wait to spend the rest of high school with her because I look up to her and love her very much!" -Jessica Long

"I’m excited that Grace is becoming the Assistant Youth Director because it guarantees that she will be at Montreat and with us the rest of the summer before I go to college!" -Logan Woodall

"Grace has impacted IPC youth in a tremendous way. Grace has become so close to all of us, she's become a second mother, older sister, and best friend to so many of us. Walking into midweek, youth group, and retreats, Grace is always the first to give me the heartwarming big sister hug. You can talk to her about anything, school drama, stressful tests, annoying parents, a good movie you watched, literally anything. These past few years of grace being an intern has been my favorite years of being a member of IPC, and now that she's full-time at the church, I can't wait for everyone to get to have the amazing grace that has changed youth group for the better." -Laura Donovan