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Witness the Fruit on Sunday, March 19

Witness the Fruit | IPC

This Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to support the children and youth of our church family. Not only will our children be presenting the Children’s Musical at 10 am in Highland Hall, but our youth will be leading us in worship at all three services.

What a great day for our church family to get to witness the fruit of many years of discipleship, worship, Sunday school classes, retreats, youth group meetings, and living together as a church family. Many of these young people were baptized as little ones right in our sanctuary. Because of faithful parents who kept their baptismal vows, and many of you who kept yours, these young disciples have grown up watching and learning what it means to be followers of Jesus. And now they have the opportunity to show us some of what they have learned.

Remember that in their baptisms, we have vowed to support, nurture and encourage our children and youth. I hope that we will all come on Sunday and be balcony people for our kids so that they know we not only care about them but value their contribution. And pay attention, because these are bright and thoughtful young people who often have some rather profound insights into our faith.