A Whirling Dervish of Activity at IPC

Dear all, 

The usual moniker for churches is that they move at glacial speed. This is sometimes a good thing as too much change too soon only breeds chaos. However, there are times when "The Church" needs to be proactive, and now is one. I write this in my first week of being gainfully employed as your Interim (transitional minister), and I’ve barely been able to catch my breath. There seems to be a whirling dervish of activity in every place in spite of the COVID pause upon us. It is a joy to find so many people wanting and willing to do something "Christ like” to serve others and the church. 

For instance, the Community Ministry team chaired by Bryson Edmonds and staffed by Susan Clayton met together with the CFAF sub-committee, chaired by Jeanne Monk and director Catherine Goudreau, to decide it would not be prudent to run the camp in the same way this summer. Instead, they came up with a marvelous strategy to keep the kids connected and engaged virtually. 

The following is from their meeting minutes: 

"The committee charged Catherine with putting together the plan and budget to conduct a hybrid digital/hard copy distance learning program in substitute for in-person.  The hard copy kits are already underway for STAIR/LIFT OFF kids. The ”Plan" is to expand it to supplement the digital. The funding likely in place will help purchase Chromebooks from monies previously allocated to transportation and meals. The contingency to the ultimate approval of reallocation of funds for this new plan will be to assure internet access and connectivity solution for all participants, which is essential.

The educators led the committee to agree that providing computer/distance learning tools and support would pay dividends or our summer learning population, not only this summer, but also into next fall when they believe some distance learning will be required in Birmingham City Schools. All staff and committee members were sad but united in their support." 

This kind of strategic re-visioning is bubbling up all over this great church, and I am super impressed with the Spirit’s power blowing this church vessel in new directions. Looking forward to actually jumping in to the IPC boat, rather than just watch from the shore, when I arrive in late May.