Lots going on at IPC. Plenty for everyone! 

What do David, the second king of Israel who defeated Goliath, and a robot named EP320 have in common? The Holy Spirit. This week, children had the opportunity to learn about God’s strength and embracing the Holy Spirit. At Vacation Bible School, 70 children became voyagers on a journey launching daily from IPC and out of this world “To Mars and Beyond.” Their mission— to see where God’s power can take them. As these voyagers learned about Daniel defeating the lion, Queen Esther taking a stand, and the Good Samaritan helping a traveller, 105 older students joined one of eight Tribes of Israel at Bible Times Marketplace for an adventure with David. Once again, tribes pitched tents at The Children’s Fresh Air Farm and other spaces were transformed into a synagogue for morning worship and a marketplace to learn skilled trades, like pottery and wool-making. 

Earlier this week, one of our volunteers wore a Bible Times shirt from 2004 and commented on how her shirt was older than her campers. A few of our volunteers have been serving at Bible Times for more than twenty years. Some shared the Bible stories and experience of joining a tribe with their children. Those same children are adults now. But they are still coming back every summer to serve with the Children’s Ministry staff. (And when they go home at night, their children are now calling, asking questions about Bible Times and who was assigned to which tribe.) This is just another tradition for our families. Both VBS and Bible Times couldn’t be sustained without our incredible volunteers who began planning the lessons, the activities, the decor, and the food months ago. No detail is ever overlooked. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time to make VBS and BTMP a success once again.

This Sunday is PMUAB Sunday. The Presbyterian Ministries United Appeal of Birmingham raises money for three local funds that greatly assist people in our community- the Life Care Fund at Kirkwood by the River, the Living River Power of the Outdoors Scholarship Fund and IPC Social Services Fund. Thanks to these funds, residents can remain at Kirkwood even if they’ve outlived their financial resources. Children can get scholarships to summer camp at Living River to learn more about being good stewards of this planet, and our Community Ministries staff can help pay for bills, medicine and other necessities for STAIR, CFAF and Open Door families in times of crisis. Please come to worship and stop by the parlor to learn more about how you can support God’s work.

Our Summer Christian Education Term began last week. But join us this Sunday for Dr. Jeff Leonard’s class on Exodus. The Samford University professor is back once again for his class on Sundays, June 9- August 11. Youth are also encouraged to participate in this class on Sundays at 10- 10:50 in Highland Hall.

We will receive new members at 10:00 am in the Chapel this coming Sunday and introducing them during the announcements at the start of the 11:00 am worship service. Then we will be welcoming them at Second Sunday lunch up in the Great Hall. All IPC members are invited to join us for lunch and help us welcome our newest members. So if you don’t have lunch plans, come on up.

Finally, we had a good turnout at our three listening sessions related to the marriage policy at IPC after each of the Sunday services last week. They will continue June 16, 23 and 30.

Lots going on at IPC. Plenty for everyone! 

See you Sunday,