A New Year in the IPC Food Pantry Brings Changes

For decades, the IPC Food Pantry has provided non-perishable food items to members of our community who are in need of assistance to provide adequate food for their families. Thanks to the steadfast generosity of our members, we have a steady flow of donated food items for our Pantry. The food goes out as quickly as it comes in, so we are grateful that our members are so faithful in bringing donations to stock our shelves each week. In the past year, we have made a few changes to the way we operate the Food Pantry, and in 2018, more changes are on the way— changes we believe will make our Pantry a better source of support for our neighbors who are food insecure. Here are a few of the changes to the IPC Food Pantry in 2017/2018:

We have discovered a new partner for a food voucher ministry through City Meats in Woodlawn. For $28 per box, our clients can redeem the voucher we purchase and provide to them by taking it to City Meats where they will receive “The Healthy Family Pack.” This pack includes: 2 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast, 1.5 lbs of lean ground beef, 2 lbs of tilapia llets, 1 lb of dry beans or peas, 1 lb of rice (white or brown), (3) 2 lb bags of frozen vegetables, 1 half gallon 2% milk, 1 loaf bread (white or wheat) and 1 dozen eggs. We have started this voucher program, which will add substantially to the amount of food we can provide our clients, and will provide healthy alternatives in fresh and frozen food. It is a bargain for $28!

In 2017, we began a new volunteer opportunity with the IPC Food Pantry. Members of IPC serve as Food Pantry Hosts each day, Wednesday through Friday. The hosts greet our Pantry clients, take them to the Pantry, and help them pick out their preferred foods, bag the food and assist them in taking the food to their car or other mode of transportation. Our volunteers provide a warm and hospitable welcome to our Pantry clients.

In 2017, we also began the Pantry Partners group. This group is made up of IPC members who have committed to support the Food Pantry on a regular basis with donations of non-perishable items. They sign up to receive a weekly email of most needed items for the Food Pantry that week and a reminder to shop for the Pantry. You can find the email sign up on our website. The weekly needs are also listed in the weekly eUpdate.

We also have a donated refrigerator/freezer in Community Ministries and can now receive donations of the following to give to our Pantry clients: tubs of margarine, shredded cheese, and bags of apples. We will happily receive these donations and pass them on to our clients! Note: Please do not leave items needing refrigeration
in the baskets around the church—bring them directly to Community Ministries so we know they are placed immediately in the refrigerator.

We purchase the vouchers from our Social Service account and can always use your financial contributions to o set the cost of this impor- tant ministry. Checks can be made payable to IPC Social Services. Thank you for your generosity!

Questions? Contact Rev. Susan Clayton at 933- 3709 or