Resolve to Use Your Talents in Service

Welcome to 2018! For many of us, New Year’s Day ushers in new resolve to accomplish a goal or improve our lives. What’s your resolution?

I’d like to challenge each one of you to find a new way to share your talents with Independent Presbyterian Church and its ministries. Perhaps it’s to continue with a volunteer opportunity discovered last month when I asked you to honor the birth of our Savior by being a blessing to someone else. Or it could be something you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to doing like providing meals and staying at the First Light Women’s Shelter, helping to stock the IPC Food Pantry, or working with our children and youth. There are so many ways to get involved at IPC!

A new volunteer opportunity coming to IPC this year will be with our new mild dementia care program. You’ve heard us talking about it before. We were planning to call the program “Wellspring.” But on second thought, “Recess” seemed like a more appropriate title for a program that will be offering fun activities for people with mild dementia and a break for their care givers. Read more about it on the cover.

Please take a moment and look through our “A Guide to Using Your Strengths in Service” booklet to get started finding your calling within the church. You can find it online under Serve. Copies are also available in Cindy Shaw’s office. She is our Member Ministries Coordinator and the perfect person to help answer your questions. She can also tell you more about our Strengths in Service program, which will help you discover your God-given strengths and put them to use to the glory of God.

It’s going to be fun seeing where you will serve in 2018!

All the Best,