Walking in the Light, Living in Love

The wait will be just a little longer until the doors to the renovated Highland Hall will open again and our IPC family will be welcomed into a more inviting, updated living space. But it will be worth the wait! For now, everyone is invted to gather in the Great Hall for a meal together on October 5 at 5:30 pm before moving to the sanctuary for a special town hall meeting.

This town hall is Rev. Lucy Turner’s idea of a fun, informal family meeting to catch up. It’s also a chance to learn how Highland Hall’s newly renovated space and the church’s new ministries will help IPC and its members continue walking in the light, living in love.

"Our stewardship theme this year builds upon Dr. William J. Carl's sermon series on I John. Isn't this the work of the church to follow the path Christ puts before use and live the call of the gospel to love God, our neighbor and ourselves," says Rev. Lucy Turner, executive associate pastor and director of Stewardship and Development.

Members will have the chance to get updates on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level III Atrium, UKirk Birmingham and The Open Door. They’ll hear from Catechesis director Kay Roller about this expanded Montessori-based faith formation program that’s now offered to 4th-6th graders. UKirk pastor Rev. Patrick Harley will introduce himself and talk about getting the Birmingham area college ministry running. Rev. Susan Clayton will share success stories about the GED, basic literacy and ESL programs at The Open Door.

A video from IPC member Jim Walker will also introduce members to new programs and ministries. Members will have the chance to:
• See how consultants from Ministry Architects are helping the rapidly expanding Youth Ministry.
• Learn about a new dementia program gives people with mild to moderate dementia the opportunity to fellowship, participate in crafts and play games alongside their friends while their caregivers receive support
• Review plans for the new community garden coming to Rushton Park
IPC is continuing to live its mission of Joining God in the World, Welcoming Our Neighbors by Walking in the Light, Living in Love this year.

Please RSVP for the town hall online at or to Marsha Harbin at or 933-3715.