Kirkwood in Full Bloom

Bring comfort and joy to Kirkwood residents through art! The donation of an original framed botanical photograph for Kirkwood will brighten halls and lift spirits. It can also honor a loved one.

Kirkwood by the River staff and volunteers will be in the IPC Parlor on Sunday, August 13 for "Kirkwood: In Full Bloom." Several photographs of local flowers taken by IPC member Virginia Jones will be in the parlor for you to purchase for Kirkwood’s Skilled Nursing. Become a part of a lasting legacy at Kirkwood by donating one of 50 framed 18" x 24" photographs. Each photo costs $200. A plaque can be mounted onto the frame in honor or memory of a loved one.

To donate to this cause, please contact Sarah Sexton at (205) 873-9045. A few framed photographs plus thumbnails of all the images are hung outside Dr. Carl's office on the second floor.