A Moveable Feast

A Moveable Feast

Come to Independent Presbyterian Church on Sunday, August 20 with an appetite for learning. The Christian Education fall kick-off will be a moveable feast for your stomach and soul. Adults are invited to visit all the Adult Christian Education classes from 10- 10:50 am. A different breakfast treat awaits in each room to enjoy while learning about each class.

"All adults are welcome," says Rev. Elizabeth Goodrich, associate pastor and director of Discipleship. "You are especially encouraged to come explore our fall offerings if you have been hoping to find a place to learn and connect with other IPC members!"

Here's a look at Sunday classes:
Advanced Class is studying the Bible and other topics of interest to members with the most "seniority" at IPC.
Discoverers Class is studying The Will of God by Leslie Weatherhead.
Mary and Martha
Reformed Bible Study is an "old-fashioned," in-depth Bible study reading The Canon Revisited by Michael Kruger.
Seekers Class increases fellowship and friendship with other adults primarily in their 30-40s.
Strengths in Service identifies your strengths and helps you put them in service. Registration required. Contact Cindy Shaw
Women’s Class is discussing The Parables for Today by Alyce M. McKenzie.
Wonder Years is looking at Letters, Gospel and Revelation: The Mind of John.

As an added bonus, there will be a scavenger hunt for adults and prizes for the winner!

On that Sunday, send the children and youth downstairs during this hour for their own special treats. There will be ice cream, games and inflatables.

"Fellowship is just one aspect of what we have in store for our children this year. Equipping our children to live as disciples of Jesus through wonder, service, small groups and study are additional ingredients for this wonderful year ahead," says Children's Ministries director Cindy Coulter.

Youth will have breakfast and begin studying Old Testament Prophets. Students in 7th- 12th grade are also invited to a special event at the UAB rec center from 6- 8 pm with basketball, soccer, volleyball, rock wall climbing, ping pong, Xbox, air hockey and dinner.

Youth director Catherine Goudreau says, "It is the perfect time to get involved with the IPC youth ministry if you aren’t already. We are launching into this new school year with unsurpassed enthusiasm. If you’ve been active in the past, you’ve been away for a while, or you are brand new to the youth ministry- please make plans to join us this fall. God is surely up to something amazing in this place."

The Christian Education staff and team have spent months preparing for this kick-off. They're excited to show you what Christian Education has to offer. Look for more details in Family, Youth and IPC eUpdates!