Using Strengths in Service

Kim Polson, an Special Ed teacher, knew she wanted to introduce her two children, Ben and Lucy, to serving others. They wanted to do it together. She discovered her strengths during a fall Strengths in Service class. Now, Kim has organized a way for her family and others to get involved with the Summer Learning Program.

Q: How did finding out your strengths make a difference in your life?
Kim: Finding out my strengths within the structure of the class was an eye opening experience. It answered questions about my roles at home, work, and within my relationships with others.

Q: How did the class help you decide how to use your strengths?
Kim: Participating in the class helped me to focus on how I could use my strengths in service to others. I began to understand that God created me to lift others up in a way that utilized the strengths that he gave me.

Q:How are you now using your strengths?
Kim: The plan that I developed during my class was to coordinate volunteers and their families to take snacks to the children of the Summer Learning Program at the CFAF. I felt led to not only apply my strengths in service to others but also provide the opportunity for my children to be involved in serving others. So far, I feel successful in the implementation of my plan. I hope that others can experience the feelings of success attached to understanding your strengths and applying those God-given strengths in service.

Strengths in Service classes start Tuesday, July 18 from 1:30- 3 pm and Wednesday, July 19 from 6- 7:30 pm. Contact Cindy Shaw to register!