IPC Gifts "Working Miracles" in Mexico

A group of IPC members and friends, including Rita Wells, served in Chiapas, Mexico in June. They taught English and Spanish and helped finish restrooms that were constructed thanks to a 2015 IPC Foundation small grant of $5,000.

This was my second trip to Chiapas and the mission there. Amazingly, we were at the Church Zion for Pentecost Sunday, and the Holy Spirit filled the church as the congregation was asked to come forward and rededicate itself to another year of service and ministry. Mothers came forward carrying their babies, and little children crowded in as their fathers with Bible in hand bowed their heads in reverence. This was a gift to each team member sponsored by IPC because your gifts have worked miracles in the community and God continues to bless this ministry even with the construction of much needed bathrooms. What is next? It is such a fertile land and people are very appreciative, so dream big, Independent Presbyterian Church.

Love in Christ,
Rita Wells

Are you interested in serving with IPC in Mexico next summer? The Sunday school building roof needs to be raised and more windows and fans will be installed to provide better lighting and ventillation. If you are interested in possibly using your talents in service in 2018, please contact Peggy Balliet at