Holy Week Begins

I am excited to begin my first Holy Week with you this weekend as we gather on Palm Sunday, celebrating the triumphal entry of King Jesus into Jerusalem. And yet, it’s always fascinating to me how quickly the cheers of "Hosanna!" turn into cries of "Crucify him!" We can sympathize, can't we? Jesus is often not the Savior we were looking for either, leaving us doubting and disappointed when Jesus does not do what we were hoping for, when we were hoping for it. This Sunday, we take a look at the story of Lazarus, when Jesus showed up too late to heal his dear friend. I hope to see you in worship as we see how this story plays out. 

Don't forget about the rest of the Holy Week services and opportunities that help us walk with Jesus toward the cross and fully appreciate the good news of Easter morning. You can find them all here. I am really looking forward to celebrating Easter with all of you. I hope we can pack the place out and raise the roof with our joyful voices.