Water Drive for Uniontown

IPC's Alabama Black Belt Journey Group is asking for your help! Uniontown, located in Perry County, Alabama, in the Black Belt, has a failing sewer system that has been a disaster for decades, resulting in unclean water sources for residents.

IPC members can donate cases of water (cases stack more easily) to help our fellow Alabamians in Uniontown. There will be a truck parked in front of All Saints’ Episcopal Church accepting donations on Tuesday, April 5 from 9:30 - 11:30 am. You can also bring donations on Monday, April 4, late afternoon and all evening for those who need to deliver outside of work hours. 

All Saints’ Episcopal Church
110 West Hawthorne Road
Homewood, AL 35209

IPC's Alabama Black Belt Journey Group
As a sub-group of the Global Missions Team, the Alabama Black Belt Journey Group is exploring ways for members of IPC to get involved in and help the people of our own state who live in the Black Belt. Members of this group: Janet Ort, Margaret Shepherd, Cathy DeLozier, Donna Smith, Keri Lane, Tommy Thomson, and staff representatives Rev. Melissa Patrick (staff representative) and Patricia Harper.

If you have any ideas for our involvement and/or want to help, please talk to anyone in this group, and  donate water at All Saints’ Episcopal Church on Monday, April 4, and Tuesday, April 5. Thank you!