Have You "Herd?"

Yes, rumors are true. I turned 70. Thank you to everyone for the phone calls, texts, emails and the “Oh, deer Bill is 70” display outside the sanctuary complete with a herd of deer! You’ve helped make this day special. Thirty years ago in Dallas as I drove past the church the message on the marquee where the sermon title usually was read, “Lordy, Lordy, The Preacher is Forty!” I nearly drove off the road when I saw that one!

This Sunday is Reformation Sunday. It’s now been 501 years since Martin Luther penned his Ninety-five Theses. The letter to the Catholic Archbishop of Mainz and Magdeburg protesting the sale of indulgences sparked the Protestant Reformation. John Knox, a Scottish minister, led the Reformation in Scotland and founded the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

During my trip to Scotland over the summer, I visited St. Giles Cathedral where the Scottish leaders of the Reformation met. Knox was the minister there. He was buried in the kirkyard of the cathedral. A six-foot bronze statue, with which I am pictured, was erected to commemorate him.

Be sure to read the insert included in this Sunday’s bulletin. The Presbyterian Historical Society takes a look at another minister’s work and leadership during the Protestant Reformation.

Also, the Old Testament lectionary passage this week is from the last chapter of Job, so I will be preaching on THE PATIENCE OF JOB.

Finally, Tuesday is Rev. Elizabeth Goodrich’s final day at IPC. Please be sure to wish Elizabeth well and thank her for her four years of service serving as an associate pastor and director of Discipleship. She is leaving to spend more time with her children. But she will be missed.

See You Sunday!