At Tuesday night’s Session meeting, we learned how our ministries and our members are continuing to uphold our mission statement of “Joining God in the World, Welcoming Our Neighbors.”

Wednesday nights are back! Weekday classes are also starting to resume, so now is the perfect time to try a new class or group.

We came to the table in fellowship to eat, to catch up and to learn about new ministries at IPC. The term "Radical Hospitality" was used by Executive Associate, Lucy Tuner, to reemphasize how important it is to welcome people of all types and backgrounds to our IPC Table.

Here at IPC, we invite you to come to the table to worship, to learn and to serve. This Wednesday, September 5, we will come to the table to hear the latest news about ministry and mission at IPC.

Take a moment to stop and witness all of the other incredible fellowship opportunities at IPC and how we are continuing to engage and grow our church.