We hope our Christian Education classes offer everyone, a home here at IPC for faith.

We are presented with several opportunities every year to take a pause, re-evaluate our lives and hit restart. With the start of a new school year, fall seems to be a natural opportunity for you to consider how you would like to become involved here at Independent Presbyterian Church.

A new education term always brings new opportunities to learn and engage in the life and ministries at Independent Presbyterian Church. Many of you joined us last Sunday for our Christian Education Kickoff, filling our hallways, classrooms and sanctuary! As our Sunday classes continue to get underway this weekend, we find it is also a good time to continue educating ourselves about our own PCUSA denomination.

Nearly three years ago, we embarked on a journey with Ministry Architects to create a space for our youth to grow, to lead and to wrestle with the tough questions. We wanted a safe, positive space for them to explore those questions stemming from our faith and from their lives. New Youth Director Isaac Toney is passionate about creating places for our youth to ask honest questions and wrestle with the answers.

The excitment of a summer filled with learning, music, art, swimming, nutrition, gardening, and field trips often ends with a few tears. The Summer Learning Program graduation is a tearful event. By then, students have grown academically by several months and spiritually.  Typically, the fifth graders are leaving the Farm for the last time… until now.