Nearly three years ago, we embarked on a journey with Ministry Architects to create a space for our youth to grow, to lead and to wrestle with the tough questions. We wanted a safe, positive space for them to explore those questions stemming from our faith and from their lives. New Youth Director Isaac Toney is passionate about creating places for our youth to ask honest questions and wrestle with the answers.

The excitment of a summer filled with learning, music, art, swimming, nutrition, gardening, and field trips often ends with a few tears. The Summer Learning Program graduation is a tearful event. By then, students have grown academically by several months and spiritually.  Typically, the fifth graders are leaving the Farm for the last time… until now.

We live in a highly connected world where we are hardly more than an arm’s reach away from a computer. The technology has changed how we connect, interact, communicate, learn, conduct business and financial transactions, and entertain ourselves. In keeping up with the need to easily access information 24/7, we are launching a new church software system on Monday.

I have been so intent on listening to all of you.  Listening to your wishes and your will for IPC.  Listening with my heart and my head.  Processing and problem-solving so many hours of the day. So it was as if this morning, God said, “Stop. Don’t lose sight of the joys and blessings right in front of your eyes.”  

What a wonderful summer we are having in Community Ministries at IPC! As I write this article, there are 111 rising 3rd through rising 6th graders out at The Children’s Fresh Air Farm enjoying all that our “mission on the mountain” has to offer. At The Open Door in Kingston, we had a recent GED graduate, and three more students are poised to receive their GEDs! Our Food Pantry is assisting 25-30 clients each week who are struggling to feed their families. Right now, a group of 11 folks from IPC are heading to Rwanda for a mission trip.