Independent Presbyterian Church (IPC) joyfully announces its eighth Pastor-Head of Staff. The congregation unanimously voted Sunday, May 2, to extend a call to Rev. Kevin J. Long.

Watch the children of IPC premiere More Power To You. In the Spring Children’s Production, we met Alex, an ordinary kid with ordinary problems. She soon faces a GITOP, a problem that felt as big as a mountain. With the help of the other characters, Alex learns to look to God for the power and courage to face even the toughest of challenges. 

Preparations are underway by IPC staff, in coordination with the Re-opening Task Force and various committees, to return pew cushions, unlock exterior doors, and discontinue worship reservations.

The Family Ministry Team is launching “porch sessions,” which is an effort to hear from each of you about your own hopes and dreams for 2021, as well as the hopes and dreams for IPC.

As the new Director of Youth Faith Formation, my hope is that the youth of our church will come to know that they too belong to the maker of heaven and Earth. I’m so excited to begin this work and fellowship with you all.