The Board of Deacons is called as officers of the church to provide “sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ.” The Deacons usher at all worship services and programs of the church and also serve on committees.

Moderator –  Sharon Marbury
Vice Moderator – Frank Caley
Usher Captain – Sims Garrison
Assistant Usher Captain - Catherine White
Secretary – Ivy Spencer

IPC Deacons

Deacons Class of 2017

  • Armstrong, Winston
  • Blalock, John Butler IV
  • Britt, Wesley Thomas (Wes)
  • Caley, Thomas Franklin, Jr. (Frank)
  • Chenoweth, Suzanne (Mrs. Jim, Jr.)
  • Graham, Suzanne (Mrs. Mike, Sr.)
  • Johnson, Ms. Tammy Gail
  • Lewis, Elizabeth (Mrs. Andrew)
  • Marbury, Sharon (Mrs. John)
  • Miller, Ms. Dorothy Haynes (Dottie) 
  • Morris, William Coleman, Jr.
  • Self, Jo (Mrs. Dave)
  • Sikes, Wayne Edward
  • Spencer, Ivy (Mrs. Tom)
  • VonCannon, Linda (Mrs. Ted) 
  • White, Catherine (Mrs. Bennett)

Deacons Class of 2018

  • Aycock, William Hubert III (Will)
  • Boyd, Frank E. III (Rusty)
  • Dickson, Jennifer (Mrs. David)
  • Dukes, Carter H., Sr.
  • Faught, Elizabeth (Mrs. John)
  • Fernandez, Michael P.
  • Hollingsworth, James M. (Jamey)
  • Murphy, Michael T. (Mike)
  • Ort, Ives (Mrs. Eddie)
  • Parsons, Susan (Mrs. Carl)
  • Polson, M. Jacob
  • Posey, Jan (Mrs. Robert)
  • Smith, Jan
  • Stewart, Miss Chappell
  • Walker, Jenny (Mrs. William)

Deacons Class of 2019

  • Allen, William Miller (Miller)
  • Browning, Daniel H., Jr. (Dan)
  • Dulin, John P., Jr.
  • Garrison, Alicia (Mrs. Sims)
  • Joyce, Thomas C., Jr. (Tommy)
  • Lane, George T. III
  • Liles, Anne (Mrs. Conner)
  • Luttrell, Mary (Mrs. Tommy)
  • Privett, Caryl P.
  • Ray, Stephen S.
  • Shepherd, Margaret
  • Starling, M. Jefferson III (Jeff)
  • Thomson, Dr. Thomas O. (Tommy)
  • Walston, Jeannie (Mrs. David)
  • Willings, Ginny (Mrs. Bubba)