"I am a masterpiece created by God. Made out of wonderful love.” These are the words to a favorite chapel song at the Summer Learning Program. On Monday morning, we welcomed 86 of God’s masterpieces through the gates of the Children’s Fresh Air Farm for a summer of reading, math, enrichment, and chapel. It has been a wonderful first week.

We shed tears all morning this morning. We led the Mwandi Hospital Chapel this morning, focusing on a passage from Philippians 1:1-11. Each member of the team spoke words of love, thanksgiving and respect to the workers at the hospital, acknowledging our bond as brothers and sisters in Christ. Each team member also voiced a prayer for the hospital and mission as we prepare to take our leave. We sang and prayed together and shed tears as we bid farewell.

This time has been precious. The time has flown. One more day on this sacred ground.

Rev Susan A. Clayton recounts traveling with IPC member Barry DeLozier and Ru Waddell of World Renew into the bush to visit the village of Andosi, one of the many villages in the Mwandi District to receive food relief and water projects in the wake of the devastating drought in 2015, in this blog post.

This Saturday our team spent diving more deeply into local culture in Mwandi and learning more about this community we are calling home these two weeks.