Recycling as a Lenten Practice

In Lent, people often fast from something, or take on a new spiritual discipline, as they reflect on Christ’s ministry, death, and resurrection. IPC’s Earth Care Team invites you and your family to recycle as a way to mindfully experience Lent while caring for the earth.  

Specifically at IPC, join us in recycling #5 plastics, which are currently not recycled in Alabama. This new outreach opportunity will help women survivors of homelessness and poverty and help the earth. Bring your clean/rinsed #5 plastics to the big, white Super Sack next to the dumpster behind the church Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Common #5 plastics include yogurt cups and tubs, sour cream and cream cheese tubs, margarine tubs, microwaveable and takeout containers, puppuccino and hot drink lids, and plastic storage bins. Most of these containers are marked with a tiny 5 inside a triangular arrow on the bottom underside. (Plastics marked #1-4 or #6-7 cannot be accepted for this recycling project.) Once the Super Sack is filled, it will be taken to Community on the Rise where women are employed creating beautiful household objects, jewelry, and more. For more information, talk with IPC Community Ministries Team members Elise Warren or Caitlin Miller.

And on Wednesday, March 23, from Noon to 4 pm, bring your electronics for recycling and paper for safe shredding (no need to remove staples, bindings, etc.) to the IPC large parking lot on Highland Avenue, where Protec will receive your items. The Recycling Event is free; however, individuals will need to pay Protec (cash, check, or card) $10 for CRT/hard drive recycling fee, and $20 for TVs (size limited to no larger than 1 person can carry) in order to responsibly recycle these items.