Welcome to IPC!

After moving back to Birmingham, we wanted to make sure we found the right church to raise our children and a place where we felt we belonged. It didn’t take very long to realize that IPC was the right t for our family. Finding a church is a big deal for our family. There are three big components on deciding which church is the best t. The rst and biggest component for me is that at each church service there is something that I am able to relate to and connects to me. I am never disappointed at any service because I always feel that I can relate and it applies to what is going on in my life. The second component is that the church has the same values as my family. I know that there will be some di erences, but the major core values in our family should be the same as our church. The third component is that there are opportunities at the church for us to get involved as you change in life. Over time as you grow as a person and your relationship with God grows, your interest and involvement will change as well. There are always new opportunities to serve at IPC.

How do we know that IPC is right for us? Besides the three important components, every time you enter IPC, you are greeted by many friendly faces. Our rst visit to IPC, we were welcomed by many smiling faces. Coming into a new place is scary, but when you are welcomed by smiling faces it makes you feel more at home and welcome. Everyone at the church has always been caring and welcoming. After joining the church, I decided that I would love to join the Welcome Team. This team welcomes new and old faces on Sunday morning. If someone is new, it is a smiling face to help them feel welcome and comfortable, as well as help them nd their way. For members, it is someone to welcome them to Sunday service as they begin the journey with God that day. Making others smile is what life is all about and I will be able to bring a smile to people’s faces as part of this team. I cannot think of a bet- ter way to prepare to hear God’s word with a smile.

Know someone who is interested in joining IPC? Cindy Shaw is now also the New Member Coordinator. Contact her at or 933-3696.