Registration Forms

Volunteer Screening Form

The Form below is to be completed by all IPC volunteers working with children or youth at Independent Presbyterian Church. 

Dear IPC Volunteers,
Thank you for participating in Children and/or Youth Ministries. We could not have meaningful programming without your participation. In order to maintain a high level of safety for our children and youth, we are in the process of creating a new data base of volunteers. We will need each IPC volunteer to complete the following Volunteer Screening form. It is a very brief form allowing CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS, which are required to provide protective care for all our children and youth. We look forward to working with you as you minister to our children and youth at IPC.

Background for the Volunteer Screening & IPC Policies:
The disturbing and traumatic rise of physical and sexual abuse of children has claimed the attention of our nation and society. The following policies reflect our commitment to provide protective care of all children, youth, and volunteers who participate in church-sponsored activities.

  • Adults who have been convicted of either child sexual or physical abuse should not volunteer service in any church-sponsored activity or program for children or youth.
  • Adult survivors of childhood sexual or physical abuse need the love and acceptance of this church family. Individuals who have such a history should discuss their desire to work with children or youth with one of the pastoral staff prior to engaging in any volunteer service.
  • All adult volunteers working with youth or children are required to be members of Independent Presbyterian Church for a minimum of six months or work with another adult member who has been a member for six months.
  • It is the policy of Independent Presbyterian Church to have two responsible persons, one of whom must be nineteen years old or older, present during any activity for children or youth.
  • Adult volunteers must immediately report any behaviors which seem abusive or inappropriate to one of the following: the Director of Christian Education, Director of Operations, Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling, or the Director of Community Ministries.

Your form will be submitted only to the IPC Director of Operations.

If you select "Other," please type in the Comments/Questions box below which area of the church you wish to volunteer.
As a volunteer, do you agree to observe all church policies regarding working with youth or children at IPC?
Have you ever been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a crime other than a minor traffic violation?

If you were a victim of abuse or molestation while a minor, please talk with our pastor in confidence. (DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS QUESTION ONLINE.)

Do you have a current driver's license?