Update from IPC's Re-opening Task Force | March 11

The House & Properties Re-opening Task Force would like to thank everyone for their patience and perseverance in the many challenges of the past year. We recognize there have been inconveniences along the way in the reopening of the church, for example: making worship reservations, wearing masks, keeping six feet of social distance, waiting for the parlor doors to unlock for your entry, and following other protocols to keep us safe.

The current trend is moving in a favorable direction and hopefully will continue to do so. As such, we have released an updated version of our Re-opening Guide listing the current status of IPC’s services, buildings and facilities. Flip through our guide to see the Task Force’s guidance for Holy Week services, bulletins, communion, etc. as well as what’s being considered to resume in-person in the coming months. We will continue to meet weekly to monitor the Covid-19 data and balance decisions that keep everyone safe, secure and connected.

View the updated Re-opening Guide »

Submitted by: House & Properties Re-opening Task Force

Mike Graham | Chair, House & Properties

Alan Deer, Elder | Session, House & Properties

Dr. Susan Eiland, MD | Lay Leader

Dr. Steve Hunt, MD | Clerk of Session

Paul Leaver | Lay Leader, House & Properties

Julie Rediker, RN | Lay Leader, IPC Day School Committee

Dr. Sean Vanlandingham, MD | Lay Leader

Bill McKelvey | IPC Director of Operations & Administration

Sandra Putman | IPC Administrative Assistant