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COVID- 19: Outdoor Worship Guidelines for June 28

COVID- 19: Outdoor Worship Guidelines for June 28

The H&P subcommittee on reopening acknowledges the ‘farewell day” for our friend, Brian Lays, on June 28 and also the desire to meet in person our new friend, Steve Goyer. We had hoped to see a decline in number of new cases before we bring the congregation back together. Instead of declining, new cases pretty much doubled over the weekend. So, we are reluctant to meet so soon, but if we do, we really like the outdoor setting. 

The guidelines that we are working with are the PCUSA published dated May 4, 2020 in which they specify a max number of people at 50 for Phase 2. We are not at Phase 2, we are Phase 1 in which the max is 10 people.  PCUSA does not address outdoor meetings, so theoretically we could have any number as long as folks are distanced properly.  However, to be cautious, and after much discussion, we think 75 is the maximum number.

The other guidelines include:
●          Everyone wear masks (even outside)
●          No congregational singing
●          No hymnals/bibles
●          No paper program
●          No passing of the peace
●          No communion
●          Gradual release of attendees so folks don’t congregate.
●          One at a time in the restroom.
●          If in a restroom queue, maintain mask and 6 foot distance.

We will strongly discourage anyone who has underlying health conditions, including heart, lungs, autoimmune illnesses, or illnesses of the blood; anyone with immediate family who could be affected if they are exposed to the virus; or anyone over the age of 65 (even though PCUSA mentions 55).

Overall, we recommend going small as larger numbers increase our exposure and we recommend growing gradually as conditions improve. 

Having said that, we are here to serve and facilitate. Thanks!

H&P Subcommittee
Mike Graham
Alan Deer
Paul Leaver
Julie Rediker
Dr. Steve Hunt
Dr. Sean Vanlandingham
Rev. Lucy Turner