2022 Youth Grant Team

Youth Grant Team in Highland Hall

A team of 16 IPC youth was selected to allocate $20,000 of IPC Foundation funds to charitable organizations. After spending two months researching grant requests, visiting the sites of potential grant recipients, and honing in on their recommendations, the team chose to award Grace House, Brother Bryan Mission, and Cornerstone Schools to allocate the funds.

Congratulations to this year's team! We are so fortunate to have a congregation full of bright youth who are passionate about serving Christ’s church in the community and the world.

Members of the 2022 Youth Grant Team

  • Sara Katherine Bowman
  • Mary Jane Bussian
  • Sarah Beth Cowart
  • Halli Hollingsworth
  • Calli Hontzas
  • Richard Monk IV
  • Maggie Robinson
  • McClain Robinson
  • Norah Roller
  • Ryan Scholl
  • Sam Steiner
  • Trey Stiles
  • Olivia Vanlandingham
  • Charlotte Walthall
  • Clara White
  • Logan Woodall