God is on the Move

God is on the Move

These are fun and exciting days in Community Ministries at IPC! I want to let you know about some of our ongoing and new ministries and invite you to become a part of the wonderful things that are happening in and through IPC.

As you may have heard, the Children’s Fresh Air Farm has just completed a new Strategic Plan and under the dynamic leadership of Catherine Goudreau, plans are underway for how to respond to the needs of the children we serve with new programming. In 2019, we are planning two exciting new programs through the Children’s Fresh Air Farm. Before the end of this calendar year, at the invitation of the principal of Hayes K-8, we will begin a new after-school program serving 4thand 5thgraders focused on STEAM and Intensive Reading Intervention. In addition, in the summer of 2019, we will add a rising 6th grade class to our Summer Learning Program. These very exciting developments will have tremendous positive impact on many children. Stay tuned for more information from Catherine Goudreau.

In addition, our educational ministry for adults in Kingston, The Open Door, is seeing a slow but steady rise in the number of adult learners as they begin to trust that we will be there for them for the long haul. In a meeting today with our partners at the Literacy Council, we began a plan for some exciting programming in family literacy. This new program will be a fun change of pace for The Open Door for the summer of 2019, even as we continue our regular offerings of Adult Literacy, ESOL and GED classes. We also planned a new marketing strategy as we continue to seek new ways to engage the community and get the word out about the transformative ministries we offer at The Open Door.

New ministries will soon launch focused on the Highland Park neighborhood outreach. David Seamon and I are collaborating on some new and exciting ways to reach out to the neighbors who live close to IPC with programs we believe will be of interest to members of IPC as well. Expect some of these new programs to begin in Highland Hall after the first of the year in 2019.

Finally, our Global Ministries area will be expanding to offer some new Global Education trips. We are working on plans for a Presbyterian Heritage Tour of Scotland in 2019. More information will be coming your way soon about this opportunity for you to travel and learn with IPC.

God is on the move, and we are trying to keep up as we seek to Join God in the World, and Welcome our Neighbor!

See you Sunday!