Allowing Your Spirit to Dance

Stop and listen closely. Do you hear God’s call? Many of you are already listening and responding to God’s call to love our neighbor. It doesn’t take age or sage wisdom to hear His call, just an openness and willingness to be guided to where you are needed.

In the pages of the summer Window, you will find several stories about members who are Joining God in the World, Welcoming Our Neighbors. Our mission statement asks us to be faithful servants, not simply by filling the pews on Sundays to listen to His Word and attending Sunday school. Each one of these individuals featured in this issue has felt inspired, called to take what they’ve learned inside the walls of IPC into the world to help spread and live the Gospel. Students, like 11-year-old Spencer Cobbs, can become teachers. Mission team members, like Barry DeLozier and Rev. Brian Lays, can travel across the world to serve and end up also receiving the Gospel and being inspired.

A longtime friend to IPC in Zambia told the mission team, “When I saw you, my spirit danced.” Be inspired by the journeys taken by these members and other work being done through ministries, like the IPC Foundation. Find a way to allow your spirit to dance. It can be as simple as coming to the Christian Education Fall Kick Off on August 19, joining a class, strengthening your relationship with God and just listening.

Speaking of dancing, my sermon title for July 15 is "Dancing in Holy Places."

All the Best,