Vive La France!

Bonjour, mes amies! Get ready to immerse yourself in French music, food, and culture as we take you to France in early February. No passports are necessary for this Parisian adventure. We’re bringing it all to Independent Presbyterian Church for the 47th Annual Religious Arts Festival!

The week long festival from Sunday, February 4 to Sunday, February 11 begins with a labyrinth lecture and Taize service. You may ask, “what is that?” This type of service that originated in France includes the singing and chanting of prayers, liturgical readings and a period of silence. Preaching is not part of this type of service. I highly recommend you experience it. It was one of the most popular weekday services at Pittsburgh Seminary when I was serving as President there. Taize was always every Monday at the seminary.

Later in the week, IPC member Virginia Jones will display photographs taken on her annual trips to Paris outside my office on the second floor. She’ll also lecture on Sacred Spaces. The Great Hall will be transformed into a French café with crepes and co ee and a chamber concert. We’ll also welcome organist Vincent Dubois from the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris and the early music vocal ensemble group, Tapestry, from Boston, MA. Read more about the festival on the cover of this issue of The Window. As the French say, “Vive la France!”

As planning for the Religious Arts Festival got underway a year ago, work also began on another big project--a new church logo for IPC! Over the last few years, di erent logos have been used interchangeably to represent the church and its ministries. We wanted to nd one unique, timeless design that truly represents IPC’s mission, ministries and members; and honors its past, present and future. A special IPC communications task force hired Birmingham company Modern Brand owned by IPC member Michael Bell to undertake the redesign. After months of research and design, a logo was approved by the task force and presented to the Session. The design pulls from many spiritual and architectural aspects of the church, including the labyrinth that is located between the main building and Highland Hall. With a special guest lecturer coming to IPC to talk about labyrinths during the Religious Arts Festival, we thought unveiling it this month was a natural choice. I look forward to seeing you all in worship and at other exciting events this month!

All the Best,
William J. Carl III
Senior Pastor, Independent Presbyterian Church