Betsy Middlebrooks Retires January 15

January 15, 2018 will mark the end of an era in Christian Education at IPC when Betsy Middlebrooks retires. Betsy and her family joined IPC in 1983, and she joined the IPC staff in 1993, first in the Day School, and then as the Adult Education Assistant in CE. Betsy has been involved in so many ways at IPC, from the tasks specifically associated with her role in CE to IPC Guild, Giving Tree, Hunger Work Group, Tapestries, yoga, childcare assistance, STAIR tutor, First Light volunteer and so much more. There is no way to fully express our gratitude for her years of dedicated service, but here is what some of the people who have worked with her most closely have said:

“Betsy is such an asset to CE and the entire church. Her breadth of knowledge about Holiday House alone is just incredible- I’m so glad we can pick up the phone when we need her!”
–Elizabeth Faught, 2017 Holiday House Co-Chair

“I have relied on Betsy’s organizational skills and reminders for 15 years. Without her, the Adult Education programs at IPC would not have functioned half as well as they do. She is a priceless treasure, a trusted colleague, and a valued friend.” --- Matt Hunter, Topic Team Coordinator

“So many very fond memories of working with Betsy on Adult Education and Focus on Faith committees over many years.  I can’t imagine future meetings without Betsy and her meticulous notes and memory.  Without Betsy, who recorded all our discussions, provided historical continuity, and provided a smiling face and always an encouraging word, we could not have done it all.  I wish Betsy a very happy retirement with many fun times ahead. We are all so much better for Betsy’s superb service and friendship.” –Larry Krannich, former Focus on Faith Chair

“Betsy works quietly behind the scenes to make sure classrooms are always ready. She goes out of her way to step in where she is needed.” –Verna Lyons, former President of IPC Congregation and active Tapestries member

"Betsy’s love for IPC is genuine. She has served the church and this congregation in many ways through the years always with an upbeat attitude and willingness to support. Her strong faith and desire for continued learning have been a real source of inspiration to me. " - Judy Matthews

Betsy will be missed as a treasured employee at IPC, but we congratulate her on a job well done, and we look forward to hearing about what she is reading, where she is traveling, and how much she is enjoying a well earned retirement. Thank you, Betsy.