Meet Your Strengths in Service Leaders

They signed up. They learned about their strengths and embraced them. Now, these four IPC members want to help others identity their strengths and put them in service. Here’s why they passionately believe you should join a Strengths in Service class.

IPC members Rusty Boyd, Frank Sutherland, Cathy DeLozier and Paula Baird and staff member Cindy Shaw are IPC’s Strengths in Service leaders. When asked about what this program can mean to our members and church, this is how they responded:

Rusty: When we get to know our true self in a deeper and more defined manner then we can truly understand our unique God-given gifts and talents and allow God to direct us in the most effective use of those innate abilities... The Strength Finders course opens the door for each of us to know, or confirm, our talents and to better utilize our energy by focusing on what were best created for... Don't waste the precious time you have on this earth trying to become something God didn't create. Be all that he means for you to be by knowing what you are best at and focusing on developing and using those Strengths!!

Frank: The best description of the Strengths in Service program is that we can help people to discover their God-given talents and help them realize how valuable it is to rely on their talents and strengths in their lives and in service to others.

Paula: IPC members would benefit by being able to label their strengths and see how they can use their strengths in all aspects of their lives. It is such a positive, enjoyable, insightful experience!... The church benefits by knowing its members strengths, by being able to place them in areas that they would find the most rewarding and enjoyable for them... When is learning POSITIVE things about yourself ever a bad thing?!

Cathy: I think it helps us understand why we're drawn to certain areas of service, and why we're not drawn to others. By understanding this, we can apply our talents to areas where we can help the most and not feel guilty about turning down the opportunities that make us feel forced (areas that don't come naturally or easily to us because that's not where our strengths lie).

To find out more about how to join a class, contact Cindy Shaw at