Why Your Child Should Join a Small Group

The last two years of our children’s elementary experience offers many opportunities to learn and get involved. Our fifth and sixth grade students start September with a Lock-In followed by small group meetings in October with devotions, food and fun. The end of October brings an opportunity to plan a 5 pm worship service that they will lead on November 5. Sprinkled in throughout the year are opportunities to serve by caroling at First Light, working the Advent Workshop for STAIR students and a winter fellowship. All of these experiences help our children grow in their faith and build community among their peers, which gives the children a place where they can be themselves, connect with friends and grow in their faith as they get ready to transition into youth group.

Here's a look at upcoming small group events for IPC fifth and sixth graders:
Oct. 15: Mafiaoza’s, 5:30 pm
Oct. 22: High Point Climbing, 12 pm