From Reading Practice to a Medical Practice

This past year, Ja'Niaya was paired with two tutors: Pat Forman and Margaret Brunstad. These exceptional women invested in Ja'Niaya, working with her every week on her sight words, reading comprehension and more. Ja’Niaya’s persistence and Margaret and Pat’s hard work paid off. Ja’Niaya improved her reading scores by 160%. Not only did her tutors teach her the basics in reading, they also encouraged her to develop a future story. We can't wait to see the doctor that Ja'Niaya becomes one day thanks in part to the time, love, and support that Pat and Margaret gave her during the most critical time in her education.

You, too, can empower a student with the skills needed to be successful in school and in life. STAIR is looking for reading tutors, substitute tutors and snack volunteers on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at IPC. Second graders from Hayes K-8 are tutored from 3:15- 4:45 pm.

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