A Privilege to Serve God in this Role

Dear IPC’ers,

After a few weeks virtually on board the good ship IPC, I am greatly impressed with the divergent number of gifts so many members have to offer. From music, administration, finance, generosity of heart, mind and spirit, graciousness in giving, thoughtfulness and worship leadership, (to name a few), this church has been greatly blessed. It is a privilege to serve God and you in this role I’ve been given as your Interim Pastor.

I would like to thank all of your for your patience and kindness as I learn so many new things about who’s who and why you do “this" and don’t do “that”… I hope I continue to learn at the same warp speed as I have up to now as this church so involved, with so many layers, offers an almost infinite educational opportunity.

All that said, as I write this from my home in Jacksonville, I still feel like I’m watching a movie. Maybe it’s because most of my day is spent Zooming on the screen. Just so you will know, plans for my getting to Birmingham point to the first week in June so that we can participate together in our first “virtual” communion.

I pray God’s Spirit will bring to you some sense of peace, comfort, joy and hope as we move forward in this bizarre time together as this particular body of Christ called IPC.  

Steve Goyer