Learning More about PCUSA

A new education term always brings new opportunities to learn and engage in the life and ministries at Independent Presbyterian Church. Many of you joined us last Sunday for our Christian Education Kickoff, filling our hallways, classrooms and sanctuary! As our Sunday classes continue to get underway this weekend, we find it is also a good time to continue educating ourselves about our own PCUSA denomination.

The PCUSA provides several resources to learn more about the denomination, its ministries and missions. A few copies of “Presbyterians Today” are located on the second floor near the desk of Christian Education executive assistant, Lea Anne Hardy. This general interest magazine seeks to “report in a fair, accurate and balanced way on the activities of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and of its members, leaders and mission partners” while challenging readers to grow spiritually. It’s published six times a year. You can read a few articles online, sign up for a monthly newsletter or subscribe to the full issues. We will be making more copies of this magazine available in the Parlor and Highland Hall soon.

We will also have a few copies of "Mission Crossroads" at the church soon. This PCUSA magazine is published three times a year and focuses on the global missions of the denomination. You can also read some stories online, download past issues or subscribe.

If you are looking for more history, delve into the archives of the Presbyterian Historical Society. This PCUSA organization holds the oldest denominational archives in the U.S. That’s more than 500 years of history. Both my wife, Jane, and IPC member, Cathy Adams, have served on the Board of PHS. You can explore some of our history online.

These are just a few resources to help you learn more about PCUSA. We plan on continuing to connect our congregation with the PCUSA with some new learning and retreat opportunities. This fall, Presbyterian Women at IPC will be using the PCUSA Presbyterian Women’s curriculum. These study groups called Circles I and II will meet on second Tuesdays and Sundays to discuss Rev. Eugenia Gamble’s “Love Carved in Stone: A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments.” Please sign up by Sunday, August 25.

A group of IPC women went the Montreat Women’s Retreat earlier this month in North Carolina. The group reconnected with each other and other Presbyterian women from around the country, including one of our former associate pastors, Rev. Bobbie Epting. I drove over to Montreat and had the opportunity to listen to singer/songwriter Amy Grant speak and sing.  Jane, Merry Lewis, Liz Saunders, Kate Waters, Joan Hinkle, Mary Beasley, Anna Kate Donovan, Lisa Burton, Kathy Thomson and my daughter-in-law, Melissa Carl, participated in the retreat. It was an incredibly inspiring, uplifting experience. Everyone returned relaxed, refreshed and spiritually fulfilled. We are already discussing sending another group next year.

Each time you exit our doors, we hope you will leave more uplifted and spiritually fulfilled.

See you Sunday!