By Love, Serve One Another

By Love, Serve One Another

I will be taking off Sunday and make the trek east to visit Forman Christian College in Lahore, Pakistan. I will be travelling with a group of pastors and leaders from across the U.S. You may have heard Forman Christian College President, Dr. Jim Tebbe, preach and speak at IPC last August as part of the IPC Foundation’s Lunch and Learn series. The IPC Foundation supports the school through scholarships for female students. This college is considered the Harvard of Pakistan and was one of the first universities in Pakistan to admit women. Despite its name, only 12 percent of the student body is Christian. The rest of the students are Muslim. We will be seeing the courageous work Christians are doing there to educate students and promote interfaith harmony over eight days. I cannot wait to share how the IPC Foundation is helping to support the school’s mission of “by love, serve one another.” I will fly home on Monday, February 18. See you all in a couple of weeks! 

All the Best,